Dog The Bounty Hunter Not Dating After Wife's Death: 'Sex Is A Thing In The Past'

Duane 'Dog' Chapman, a bounty hunter and reality star known for his shows Dog The Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted has recently opened up about whether or not he sees himself pursuing another relationship in the wake of his wife's death.

Dog's wife, Beth Chapman, passed away earlier this year.

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She had been diagnosed with stage four throat cancer in late 2018 after already winning one fight with cancer in 2017. Beth passed away on June 26th after being placed in a medically induced coma on June 22nd.

Shortly after Beth's death, the couple's daughter was asked on Instagram if she thought her father was ever going to date again.

Instagram | @mrsdog4real

Bonnie Jo Chapman's response was short and simple. She wrote, ""Nope, he found his soulmate. No one can ever replace her in his heart. Their love was one of a kind, it made me believe love truly exists."

In late August, rumors began to swirl that Dog was seeing a new woman.

Instagram | @mrsdog4real

Dog was spotted walking down the street with a "mystery woman" that some fans presumed to be a new girlfriend. However, Bonnie took to Instagram to identify the woman as someone who works with the family, writing, "Let my father live in peace and do his job."

A representative for Dog also made a statement about the rumors.

Instagram | @mrsdog4real

"The woman in the photo is named Brooke. She has worked with Dog, Beth, and their family for years. She coordinated his appearance at the event in Tennessee last weekend," the statement said.

In a new interview, Dog once again broached the subject of dating after losing his wife.

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“When your spouse dies, [...] you’re released from that obligation of being married," Dog told People Now. "So your mind and you go crazy."

"And then after a while, you realize that never will no one ever love me as much as she did."

Instagram | @mrsdog4real

"And I will probably never love anyone else as much as I loved her," he continued. "“Sex is a thing like almost in the past right now. I'm not having it and I don't care. It's weird."