Unsplash | Bruna Branco

Eating Pasta Could Contribute to Weight Loss And Happiness, Study Says

For so long, we've been told that refined carbohydrates, like pasta, should be avoided if you're looking to lose weight, causing legions of people to deprive themselves of what could very well be the greatest food on earth.

But a new study is calling this strategy into question.

Not All Refined Carbs Are Created Equally

While it's true that the body breaks down refined carbs like white bread and rice quickly, causing spikes in blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling hungry again shortly after consumption, the same doesn't hold true for pasta.

Pasta Has A Low Glycemic Index

As it turns out, pasta has a low glycemic index, which means the body experiences smaller increases in blood sugar while it's digesting a delicious bowl of carbonara. So, you won't feel hungry an hour after eating it.

In fact, the study found that people who ate 3.3 servings of pasta per week, while also following a low-glycemic index diet, lost 1.1 pounds over an average of 12 weeks.

It Doesn't Contribute To Weight Gain Or Body Fat

Unlike what diets like Whole30 and Atkins would have you believe, the study authors concluded that pasta doesn't contribute to weight gain, and could in fact be a smart addition to any low GI diet.

Did we just make your day? (You're welcome.)