'Grey's Anatomy' Star Went Into Labor Right After She Filmed Distressing Birth Scene

Oh yeah, I bet you never expected to have some actual medical emergencies on the show.

But after 17 seasons, there's a good chance you're going to run into one or two.

'Grey's Anatomy' is in it's 17th Season.


And we've seen a whole lot of different medical emergencies on the show.

We've seen a guy who swallowed doll heads, we've seen some ghost sex, we've seen all sorts of stuff.

But have you ever wondered...


If there have been any actual medical emergencies on the show?

A moment where someone had an issue on set and the people who played doctors actually had to be doctors?

Well, there was at least one!


Sarah Drew, who played Dr. April Kepner on the show for nine seasons, actually went into premature labor during a shoot one day.

Recently, she had an interview with People, and boy was it a doozy!

“That episode, the one where April delivered the baby and the baby died – Samuel died in her arms – I was pregnant with my daughter, Hannah, and I actually went into premature labour 10 hours after shooting that scene,"



What a bad episode to have a baby!

She goes on:

"I will never forget that. I'll never forget that experience. If you allow yourself to really open up to what that moment is and don't shut down from it, which you could do, I guess... I didn't."