'Harry Potter' Movies Added A Detail About Voldemort's Horcruxes

I'm sorry to say Harry Potter fans, but it seems that even you missed this amazing detail. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Very, very ashamed.

But then again, part of the beauty of these films are all the intricate details!

Ahh, the franchise that needs not be named. Harry Potter.

My generation needed a franchise to define us.

To help us grow into the people we were supposed to become. To come up with us, guiding us each step of the way.

The books are what got us into reading.


Masterfully written by a person with initials for a first name, these books captured a world of magic, fantasy, brotherhood, and war that will stick in our hearts for all time.

And then when the movies came out, wow.


They were cinematic masterpieces that dazzled the eye and inspired the mind.

The next generation of filmmakers grew up on this kind of stuff, and the movies they chose to make shows its influence.

In fact, franchises wouldn't be the same without 'Harry Potter'.


This franchise's movies proved that this kind of thing could be a big box office money-maker.

And I don't need to tell you that franchises make big money these days.

And within 'Harry Potter', one villain made us so afraid, that we didn't even want to speak his name.


He went by many names, but one that he hated was his birth name, Tom Riddle.


To this day, he is still one of the greatest fictional villains of all time.

He is wicked, intelligent, and evil to the core. What could be worse?

So why am I here talking about Voldemort?

Well, because we have an important detail in the Harry Potter movies that some fans may have missed.

And if there's something a writer on the internet will never, ever do...

It's miss a chance to feel superior to a fan group.


And this detail has to do with The Dark Lord himself.

As if these movies didn't have enough hidden details already!

Remember Voldemort's Horcruxes?


The Dark Lord had split his soul into seven parts, including Harry himself, and it was up to the heroes to find them and kill them.

So in the last two movies, they're going after the Horcruxes.


Harry along with his pals Hermione and Ron are finding and destroying the Horcruxes in order to destroy Voldemort.

And spoiler alert, they end up succeding in that goal.

However, there's one detail that the filmmakers slipped in without us noticing, and it had to do with the Horcruxes.

Part of it is in this picture!

Have you noticed it yet? Give up? Okay, let's continue.

If you're having trouble, I'll give you some clues.


We know one very important thing about Voldemort: when a Horcrux gets destroyed, it weakens him.

And he knew when one was destroyed.

That's exactly what made the race to the Horcruxes so intense.


It all started in the second film when Harry destroyed Tom Riddle's diary.

Voldemort felt the pain, and thus the race began.

In the books, we always know when Voldemort finds out about a soul being gone through Harry's link with Voldemort's mind.


The movies do explore that, but the filmmakers actually went one step further.

The filmmakers added a special detail about his robes!


Voldemort's robes fade every time a Horcrux is destroyed. It's supposed to give the impression that he is slowly fading away.

Yeah, that's some good moviemaking right there.

Do you have any cool 'Harry Potter' facts?


Whether it be about the movies, the visual styles, what choices they made during the books or movies, whatever!

Just share them in the comments with your fellow Harry Potter fans!