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These 'Dirty Dancing'-Inspired Lawn Skeletons Are Next Level Halloween Decor

Some people seriously go all-out with their outside Halloween decor. Some people make their houses super scary, making people hesitant to walk up to it, while others opt for cute autumnal decorations that are a bit more welcoming for those who hate scary things.

One homeowner had a scary good idea, and, I know it might be early to say, but I'm officially crowning it the winner of Halloween 2019.

It doesn't take very long to register what's going on here on this homeowner's lawn.

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Yep. This is that famous scene from Dirty Dancing.

Pardon me? Are there also disco lights in the background?

Johnny and Baby really took that one famous scene to the grave, huh!

It's a little eerie thinking that the iconic couple are still doing this famous move in the grave.

But, it's also a little comforting at the same time.

The homeowners didn't just stop at the skeletons, however — they completed the scene with tombstones that feature famous lines from 'Dirty Dancing.'

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Of course, this one got a little bit of a punny twist.

Ain't this tombstone the truth?

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So, I think it's safe to say that this lawn officially won Halloween.