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Meghan Markle Is 'Bruised And Vulnerable' According To Documentary Reporter

Meghan Markle's heartbreaking interview where she explained the rough situtation she has been in emotionally due to the way the British press has treated her was part of a documentary being created about the Duke and Duchess' recent trip to Africa, and the reporter behind the documentary has spoken out about the royal couple in a revealing interview.

A recent clip from the documentary has gone viral.

In the clip, Meghan explains how her emotional state has been during her time married to Prince Harry and explains that nobody has asked her before if she was okay.

ITV Anchor Tom Bradby is the reporter creating the documentary.

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"I went intending to make a documentary that was always going to be about their work in Africa, and then a little bit about where they were at in life," he said, but added that he "knew that everything wasn't entirely rosy behind the scenes."

Bradby explained he didn't intend to create such an emotional moment on camera with Meghan.

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"The reality I found was just a couple that just seemed a bit bruised and vulnerable," he explained. "I think with mental health and all the rest, you have to be very careful what words you use."

"But that was the story I found," Bradby explained.

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"It seemed the right journalistic thing to do, to try and tell that story as empathetically as I could." Bradby also explained that while traditionally the royal family keeps their private lives and emotions private, it didn't seem like Harry and Meghan were interested in that.

"Harry and Meghan have just decided to play things very differently," Bradby explained.

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"Some of what they were doing [in the documentary] was emotional; it was just saying, 'Well, this is where we're at.' Some of it was trying to do things differently," he continued.

Bradby said his hope was that this documentary inspires people to give the royal family "a little bit of space."

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"That's what I hope will happen. I kind of sensed that, in the end, things weren't going in a very good direction here, and if this documentary has an outcome, I do hope that it's that everyone, perhaps including them, takes a really deep breath and maybe thinks pretty hard about how the future might play out."