8+ Genius Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Are you one of those people who usually leaves things to the last minute? You too? Oh, then you understand how I feel.

If you haven't thought of your Halloween costume yet I have a few last-minute ideas you should definitely consider. After all, time is of the essence and with some luck, a few crafting supplies, and stuff you already have in your closet you should be able to pull these off.

1. Dog Filter Costume


This is such a cute and really easy idea to pull off. Just cut out some dog ears, a nose and a tongue from a magazine.

2. "Men In Black" Costume


If you own a black suit then you're pretty much halfway there. You may need to source out a black tie and a dog, hee, hee.

3. Bat Costume


If black is your favorite color then you're gonna rock this bat Halloween costume made from an upcycled umbrella. This is easier than you think to accomplish.

4. "The Bachelorette" Costume


This is a seriously easy Halloween costume to put together at the last minute. Bonus if you own a flashy and sparkly dress. You deserve roses, girl.

5. Green With Envy Costume


Ha, ha this is so clever. And, it couldn't be any easier to put together. What a cute couple costume as well. I'm green with envy.

6. Bread Winner


You'll be a total winner with this simplistic yet super fun costume. All you need is to steal your brother's medals and grab some Wonder bread.

7. Holy Guacamole Costume

Costume Works

There's nobody on this earth who loves guacamole more than me. So it would be so fitting if I showed up wearing this to a Halloween party.

8. Queen Bee Costume


We all know you're the queen of your life but now you can be the queen of the party with this fun little DIY outfit.

9. Pinterest Board Costume

Parties For Pennies

I tell ya, you'll find the best ideas on Pinterest. Am I right? So why not dress up as your favorite social network like this.

10. Bubble Bath Costume


Well, isn't this absolutely adorable? If you own a camisole and shorts you're totally set to do this costume. Now just blow up some balloons and you're ready.

11. "It's Raining Men" Costume


If people don't think you're clever when you show up wearing this costume, I dunno what their problem is. Hopefully it brings you luck.

12. Kermit Sipping Tea Costume


Calling all lazy Halloweeners! This costume idea couldn't be any more foolproof. Easy peasy meme costume here featuring everyone's favorite frog.

13. Sia Costume


Go big or go home, right? Invest some money in a two-toned wig, sport a suit or a dress, and put a bow on it.

14. Smarty Pants Costume


Everyone will think your little guy is so clever when he shows up to school in this "smarty pants" costume. Right? Shhh, it's all mom's idea.

15. Queen Of Hearts Costume


OMG, I would never have thought making a Queen of Hearts costume could be this easy. Just a red dress and a deck of cards are all you need.

16. Old Married Couple Costume


Ha, ha, ha, this is so hilarious. I wonder if my love and I are gonna end up looking like this. I hope not.

17. "Married with Children" Costume


And speaking of old married couples, this Married with Children costume is not only fun but great for a last-minute option. I loved that show.

18. Letterboard Costume


Talk about an interactive Halloween costume. You will be the life of the party when you show up in this. Hopefully, you won't be too popular.

19. Ketchup And Mustard

Instagram | @deberatanyi

Dress up as your favorite condiment and get another friend to show up for a matching set. You will be too adorable to resist.

20. Minnie Mouse Costume


I should have thought of this costume idea when I was coming up with simple stuff to wear to the office. This is super cute.

21. Ranch Salad Costume

If you're a lover of ranch dressing, you're in luck. This costume is totally unique and easy to make. Everyone will think it is so clever and yummy.

22. "50 Shades Of Grey" Couple Costume


If you're up for channeling your inner Anastasia and Christian, why not go all out with 50 shades of grey paint swatches?

Well, I hope I've eased your mind a little this Halloween season because you've got plenty of time to come up with an epic costume that's actually easy to DIY.

Now, get to it!

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