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Peppermint Bark Oreos Are Officially Back, And Our Bellies Are Ready

We sure love our seasonal treats! You know how I can tell? Because they've been the bulk of what I've been writing!

But you know what? I'm not upset about it. It just makes me super hungry and makes my grocery list longer and longer.

The next seasonal snack that's been spotted are Oreo's limited edition peppermint bark flavor.

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People are real freaking excited for this release.

People are already stocking their carts with the creamy, crunchy, minty, and chocolately treats.

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And you'd better do that too, or else there won't be any to leave for Santa under the tree this year, which would not be good!

Instagram food review twins Marcus and Matthew were able to taste them along with Oreos other holiday releases, their red colored creme and white fudge covered cookies.

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They found these all at Target. Target is always coming through!

They called the peppermint bark flavor Oreo's "best mint flavor addition yet...and this is coming from people who would choose mint chocolate anything last."

I was able to try these Oreos last year, and I have to agree with the twins.

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Even if you're not a chocolate mint kind of person, the chocolate from the biscuit actually overpowers the peppermint flavor, making for a delightful wintery snack.

If you're into a crunchy texture, then these cookies are a must-try for the holidays.

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