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Makeup Artist's Clever Winged Eyeliner Hack For Hooded Eyes Gives You Two Looks In One

I love me a good winged eyeliner look. It's definitely a desert island must-have for me — I very rarely wear my makeup without it!

But, those of us with hooded or wrinkly eyes know how difficult it can be to achieve the sleek look in one shot. The brush tip drags over the folds, creating bumps and lumps along the way. Not cute.

Thankfully, celebrity and editorial makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is here to save the day!

Instagram | @katiejanehughes

She came up with a super easy hack that is basically like an optical illusion trick for the eyelid.

Here, her eye makeup looks like it would be fit for a fashion runway during Paris Fashion Week.

Instagram | @katiejanehughes

It's sleek, chic, sharp, and funky.

It also sort of looks like a whale's tail. Do you see it?

Anyways, there's more to her eyeliner than meets the eye...

When her eyes are gazing more eye level, the sharp triangle shape that darts into the crease of her eye connects with the rest of her lid to create the perfect smooth wing!

Instagram | @katiejanehughes

Watch the video to see how magical the hack is.

With a look like this, us hooded eye gals can get two sleek looks in one!

Pure genius? I think that's what they call this.

Would you give this hack a try? Let us know!

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