Hugh Jackman Turned Into Wolverine For A Fan Selfie

Let me tell you, folks, I don't use the sentence: "a treat to watch" lightly. It's pretty much reserved for South Park and hippo videos.

But this, my friends, is a treat to watch.

We all miss Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


Why did he have to go out on such a good movie? He could've done something crappy and we all would have let him go easy.

But Logan was so freaking good.

Well, we got to see a glimpse of that Wolverine flavour the other day.


If there's one thing Hugh Jackman is better at that being Wolverine, it's probably singing.

But the third best thing he's good at is being a good celebrity to his fans.

Case in point:

The below video, where he's just as excited for a selfie as the fan in the crowd is.

He gives high fives, screams like a wildman and pretty much acts like a less grumpy Wolverine.

So really, only one question remains...


Where do I go to get a selfie with Hugh Jackman?

Because the only thing better than watching this video... would be to see him do it live.

Give me a sec, gotta update the bucket list.