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Prepare For Cravings Because This Candle Smells Like McDonald's Cheeseburgers

We've often heard that smells are one of the more powerful influences that jog our memories, and that's particularly true when we catch the aroma of a food we've always liked.

What also helps is that a lot of the fast food favorites most of us enjoyed as children had very particular smells. For instance, fried chicken can give off a variety of aromas depending on the recipe, but it's always pretty easy to recognize the specific smell of KFC.

And as great as it can be to relax in a backyard while someone is grilling, that phenomenon is also true of McDonald's cheeseburgers. And now, there's a way to immerse yourself in those childhood memories without actually putting your body through another McDonald's run.

An Australian gift company called Grey Lines unveiled a particularly popular product last year.

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As Metro reported, it was a scented candle called The Maccas Run that's supposed to smell just like a McDonald's cheeseburger.

For those who don't know, "Maccas" is the Australian nickname for McDonald's that actually became an official brand name for them down under.

The candle sold out in weeks last year, so Grey Lines came back with another line of them this year.

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This time, you might notice that this new version carries a more generic name than "the Maccas run."

It's unknown whether that's because their last name made their legal department cry or whether they're just trying to reach a wider customer base now, but that seems to be the only difference.

Much like before, each candle is about four ounces and is supposed to feature a total burn time of approximately 30 hours.

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Their website also encourages people to put photos with their products on Instagram and tag @greylinesau as this person did back when the product had its original name.

Non-Australians don't need to worry as the product ships internationally and is available for about $18.

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And yes, you could probably get more than a few actual McDonald's cheeseburgers for that kind of money, but they probably won't last as long as this does.

And if you're more of a McNugget person, you might be pleased to hear that Grey Lines has you covered on that front too.

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As their Instagram page makes clear, they also make scented candles inspired by chicken nuggets, peanut butter, red wine, garlic bread, and Mi Goreng noodles.

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