Kate Jenkins

This Artist Crocheted A Whole Build-Your-Own Bagel Spread, And It's Brunch Goals

They say you eat with your eyes first, and you definitely only want to be eating this ultimate crochet bagel spread with your eyes, or the yarn might really hurt going down.

Is this bagel spread making your stomach grumble?

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It's lunch time while I'm writing this article, and my stomach is sure making some heads turn towards my direction in the office.

But, I'm about to hit you with some cold hard truth.

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They're not real!

Isn't that wild?

Kate Jenkins is the UK-based crochet artist responsible for this amazing trickery.

Instagram | @kjcardigan

She's received international attention for her super realistic food spreads, holding exhibits in London, NYC, and Dublin, and working on many commission pieces for big names like Anthropologie and Viking Cruises.

Our favorite of the bunch? Her build-your-own bagel spread.

Kate Jenkins

With a spread like this, you might seriously get some people sinking their chompers right into some yarn.

What's great is that you can actually build a bagel out of the crocheted toppings!

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You can pile your bagel high without any mess.

We need to take a second and appreciate the detail of this everything bagel. It is literally e v e r y t h i n g.

Of course, Kate had to do it for the millennials with some fancy avocado toast.

Instagram | @kjcardigan

It's not a real brunch without avo toast!

The best part? You can enjoy all of these dreamy foods guilt-free!

Instagram | @kjcardigan

Make sure you check out Kate's Instagram page to satisfy your hanger.

Oh, and you can also shop many of her crocheted food pieces on her website. Just keep away from your guests, or they might try and take a bite.