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Pregnant Mom Who Battled Breast Cancer Gives Birth To 'Miracle Baby'

Imagine finding out that you're pregnant, only to learn a short while later that you also have a life-threatening condition.

One mom is inspiring us all after she shared how she went through chemo during her pregnancy so that she could live for her new baby.

Like many women expecting their first child, Jade Devis was excited to welcome a baby.

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That excitement quickly turned to worry when she noticed a hard, protruding lump on her breast.

When Jade brought the lump to her doctor's attention, they brushed it off as a result of her pregnancy.

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However, Jade knew something was wrong and asked for a biopsy.

It's a good thing Jade followed her instincts.

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The biopsy confirmed that she had Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer, a very rare form of the disease. Since she was in her first trimester, doctors were unsure how treatment would affect her growing baby.

Immediately, Jade underwent a lumpectomy to remove the mass in her breast.

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The surgery was followed by several rounds of chemo, due to her specific cancer's ability to spread to other organs.

With a team of doctors and specialists at Loma Linda University Cancer Center in California, Jade was able to fight cancer and carry her baby to term.

Loma Linda University Cancer Center

On July 25, 2019, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Baby Bradley was born weighing 6lbs 11oz.

"My baby boy is my miracle child,” Jade said in an interview published by the hosptial. “It is surreal to remember that my pregnancy had an element of extraordinary fear. I am blessed when I look at my son, and I cannot ask for more than that.”

Jade is on schedule to finish her treatments in November 2019.

Loma Linda University Cancer Center

She still has a few rounds of infusion therapy, but her doctors are confident that she will be cancer-free.

Thanks to the help of a number of doctors and specialists, Jade and Bradley have their whole lives ahead of them.


“Loma Linda University Cancer Center team gave me more than my son,” Jade said. “They picked up my spirit and rejuvenated my soul.”

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