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Man Pulls Attacker's 8-Inch Blade Out Of His Stomach And Stabs Him To Death

Those who have found themselves in life-threatening situations will often attest to how quickly the danger can unfold.

While we may walk through an eerie street at night and worry that someone will attack us, the unfortunate reality is that the worst attacks often happen when we least expect them.

It's entirely possible to be happily walking down the street with some take-out one minute only to end up fighting for your life the next minute.

And one Australian man is now facing serious consequences after he dealt with this nightmare scenario.

On December 22, 30-year-old Christian Hargrave-McKey was spending the evening drinking with a friend at the Nelson Hotel.

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As The Sydney Morning Herald reported, 60-year-old Mark Thomas had also been drinking there, but this apparently wasn't known to Hargrave-McKey by the time he left.

After Hargrave-McKey bought some food at a KFC location, he and Thomas encountered each other on an Oxford St. sidewalk.

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Although it's unclear what the two men said during their brief conversation, the encounter quickly turned hostile once Thomas put his backpack on the ground and the two men started shoving each other.

Hargrave-McKey's friend soon joined the fray as the men continued pushing and shouting.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the friend's girlfriend tried to get between Hargrave-McKey and Thomas, but Hargrave-McKey quickly moived her out of the way.

He then told her, "The man is trying to kill you."

Unfortunately, it soon appeared that Hargrave-McKey was more right about this than he realized.

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Thomas soon opened his backpack and grabbed an eight-inch knife, which he then pulled out of its packaging before making stabbing motions at Hargrave-McKey.

At this point, Hargrave-McKey recalled saying, "Go on, f***ing stab me then."

Thomas then stabbed the man in the abdomen and left the knife in his body.

However, this didn't stop Hargrave-McKey as he pulled the knife out of his stomach and stabbed Thomas 11 times.

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This stabbing happened at approximately 8:15 pm and left Thomas with wounds in his back and chest, as well as two defensive wounds in his arm.

One of Thomas' wounds was almost seven inches deep and pierced his rib cage, aorta, pulmonary artery and ultimately, his heart.

Thomas died less than 15 minutes later.

After police and paramedics found Hargrave-McKey, they took him to the hospital, where it became necessary to remove his gallbladder.

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According to The Sydney Morning Herald, his wound was serious enough that social workers were contacted to discuss end-of-life proceedings.

However, he pulled through and was able to talk to police, who informed him of what he did to Thomas as he had difficulty remembering what happened.

Hargrave-McKey was initially charged with murder, but this was soon withdrawn and he would eventually plea guilty to manslaughter.

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When police spoke to him about the incident, he said, "I'm so disappointed in myself. I just found out what I did. I'm so sorry. That poor bloke."

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