Keep Outdoor Kitties Safe And Warm This Winter With A Heated Cat House

It's getting chilly outside and while we mostly think about cats as indoor couch potatoes, there are many that live outdoors.

Maybe they're a barn cat helping to keep rodents away or a stray that knows what houses leave water out for them. Whatever the reason, even with their fur, it can be cold out there for outdoor kitties.

If you want to make sure they have a safe, warm place to spend the night, this outdoor cat house may be just the thing.

K & H Pet Products

The vinyl and nylon construction makes the house waterproof and will protect the animal from snow and wind.

It's easy to assemble without any special tools.

K & H Pet Products

It's also got two entrances so that the cat can't get trapped by predators, which is a great attention to detail.

Plastic door flaps help block out the elements and keep the heat inside the house.

In my neighborhood, this would probably be occupied by the pair of bunnies that live under my neighbors' deck.

Which is something I am 1000% in favor of. They're very cute bunnies and better neighbors than the raccoons two doors down.

You can get one of these houses directly from the K & H Pet Products website or through Amazon.

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