Just When We Thought 'Fast & The Furious' Couldn't Get Weirder, Cardi B Joined The Cast

Well, we all thought that this Fast And Furious could get weirder. It has too, they're on their ninth movie now.

They have to keep the people coming, and nothing does that like weirdness.

It looks like we're getting another 'Fast And Furious' movie, folks.

YouTube | RazorTV

But you Fast And Furious fans already knew that, didn't you?

Just like you knew John Cena was going to be in it.

But I bet this is something you didn't know...

Cardi B is going to be in this movie.


Vin Diesel posted the below video on his Instagram, pretty much confirming that she is going to be in this movie.

They talked about how tired they were, and that's not surprising.

Hm... It looks like Cardi B is going to take a shot at acting.

Instagram | @iamcardib

We know she was in the movie Hustlers where she played a stripper (a role that was close to her heart, considering she was a stripper at one time) and now she's in this movie!

Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see how she does.


Hustlers was pretty good, so there's a good chance she'll be good in this too.

But who really cares? Are you really there for the compelling performances? Or are you there to watch cars go fast?

That's what I thought.