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Mooove Over Lawn Reindeer, There's A Christmas Cow Available This Year

Tradition holds that when the festive season rolls around, you're going to see Santa, elves, snowmen, and reindeer when you're out wandering the neighborhood. Those are the characters that we associate with Christmas, right?

Well, this year that outdoor decor is going off the map just a bit — right into the barnyard.

Let's face it, this Christmas cow is udderly adorable.

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Is it strictly traditional? Of course not. Is it entirely out of place in a Christmas scene? Not even remotely. And it's not just the bow and sprig of holly around its neck, either.

This cow could easily be the star of the display.

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At 55 inches long, just shy of five feet, and boasting a sparkling array of 160 cool white LED lights, the Christmas cow might just take over the yard all on her own.

Yes, it's a bit of a risk to stray from the traditional scenes, but she'll stand out for sure.

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But if you're less sure, there's also a smaller Christmas cow ornament that's a mere three feet long. The larger version is available for $99 at Home Depot, while the smaller cow is only $69.

h/t: Delish