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Kate Beckinsale Shared A Video Of Her Stretching And Everyone Thinks It's Fake

Kate Beckinsale has something very important to share: she doesn't have a fake leg.

The actress recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to clear the whole social media fiasco up!

Kate Beckinsale wants fans to know that she *doesn't* have a fake leg.

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The crazy speculation behind this rumor began when the actress posted a video to her Instagram on October 11.

The vid shows the 46-year-old doing some *very* intense stretches with her personal trainer at the gym.

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Anyone else's legs hurt watching this?

She captioned the video: "@bradsiskind and I and his little towels are running off to join the circus."

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This made for a very appropriate caption since it's literally as though she has a rubber leg.

In the vid, the trainer pushes her leg back to deepen the stretch and then... it just keeps going back.

Someone call an ambulance!

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The fiasco didn't even end there.

Her trainer then practically pulls her leg right next to her head...

For reference, this is the flexibility level of most people:

You're either a Penny or a Sheldon, or somewhere in between!

So, yeah, that stretching routine truly was like watching a circus act.

People have been so amazed by the video that rumors soon began to circulate about Beckinsale having a fake leg.

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Someone else straight-up wrote: "That’s not a real leg."

"Wowza," wrote actress, Selma Blair.

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"Are people supposed to bend like that?" someone else asked.

Given that it's Kate and she's beyond beautiful, some of the comments did get a bit explicit.

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"God bless you," another wrote.

Recently, Kate cleared the whole thing up while on the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

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She began by saying that it was her mom who alerted her to all of the rumors.

"My mum texted me and said that in England people think I've got a fake leg," she said.

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"I'm quite flexible, so now there's a thought that possibly I've got a rubber leg or a pretend leg."

"If I had [a rubber leg], I've kept it awfully quiet for decades," Kate joked.

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She then explained the reason for her insane flexibility: she did ballet as a kid.

"I've always been like that," she said.

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"I did a lot of ballet when I was a kid and now I can cause worry about a fake leg. That's really all I've got."

Besides the fake leg fiasco, the actress took the time to promote her upcoming movie called "Farming."

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In the film, the actress plays a foster mother named Ingrid who adopts a Nigerian child.

She also revealed something truly surprising: she thinks she looks exactly like Ryan Reynolds.

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Because of this, she can't even be in the same room as him!

Sorry, Kate. Unless Ryan can Bend it like Beckinsale, I'm not so sure about the similarities!

You can catch Kate's full interview here!