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Give Your House The Sweet Smell Of Dr Pepper With This Scented Candle

Just as KFC isn't the same old fried chicken thanks to its 11 herbs and spices, Dr. Pepper isn't the same old cola thanks to its unique blend of 23 flavors.

That difference has earned it a loyal following among soda enthusiasts.

Through some manner of sorcery, the weirdly enticing, instantly recognizable Dr. Pepper flavor is now available in scent form.

Etsy | 716 Candle Co.

Thanks to the wizardry of the 716 Candle Co. shop on Etsy, you can now fill your home with the sweet smell of Dr. Pepper with a scented candle that comes in an actual Dr. Pepper can.

For those of us who can't get enough of Dr. Pepper, this is an absolute dream come true.

The soy candle has about 40 hours worth of flame in it, but what's most remarked upon is just how faithful the scent is.

Etsy | 761 Candle Co.

"Looks exactly the way it does in the photo and is not flimsy in any way," wrote one reviewer. "I was amazed at how much it smells like Dr. Pepper and had to let everyone else smell it as well."

And if Dr. Pepper isn't your thing, there are plenty of other options.

Etsy | 716 Candle Co.

716 Candle Co. has dozens of offerings of soda-scented candles, everything from Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola to Fanta to A&W Root Beer. They each ring in at $15 a piece.

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