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Limited Edition Mint Chocolate Twinkies Are Here To Ring In The Holidays

Remember when Twinkies almost died? I know it might be a repressed memory now, but yes. Back in 2013, they announced they were planning on going out of business, only for them to completely pull a "PSYCH" card out of their pockets and ended up staying IN business.

What a whirlwind.

Even though many of us hadn't eaten a Twinkie in 100 years, we were very excited that they chose to stay.

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This is especially true since their seasonal flavors have been on point as of late.

They've experimented with an orange creamsicle flavor for summer, a wild Moonberry flavor, and of course, the quintessential pumpkin spice flavor for fall.

They're really the Hostess with the mostess (get it?) with their flavors, and their new winter flavor is no exception.

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Would you just look at this delectable minty chocolate spongey treat?

Mint and chocolate are the flavors of the holiday season, and of after dinner treats.

Food watchdogs have spotted Twinkies' limited edition Mint Chocolate flavor at Walmarts across the country.

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It replaces the yellow spongecake with chocolate and the original cream filling with a minty green one.

To be honest, it looks really good.

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While no one on the interwebs has sunk their teeth into them just yet, people are really excited about this flavor and can't wait to give it a try!

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