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Baby's Hilarious 'Dwight Schrute' Halloween Costume Deserves A Dundie

There are some television characters that are so iconic that they were destined to live on forever as hilarious Halloween costumes.

If you follow this creative mom's lead, with the right execution, you can even use these characters for inspiration to make hilarious kids' costumes, too.

If you're a fan of "The Office," then you know that Dwight is one of the show's best characters.

If you aren't a fan, then all you need to know is this: Bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. It might also be a good idea to brush up on your pre-industrial German.

Even though the show ended years ago, people still love Dwight dearly.

It's safe to say that Dwight is easily one of the most popular Office characters to dress up as for Halloween.

Besides being an instantly recognizable character, part of the appeal has to be that this costume is so easy to make.

If you have glasses, a yellow shirt, and a tie laying around, then you're set!

With Halloween coming up, one mom decided to have fun with her love of the show when it came to dressing up her eight-month-old baby.

Jillian Sheffield took inspiration from Dwight when creating a Halloween costume for her son, Jackson.

Here's Jackson rocking his Dwight costume, complete with shirt in a startling hue of Dijon-mustard and his own mini office.

He even nailed Dwight's facial expression, although I'm not sure if that was on purpose.

Online, people are loving this hilarious costume.

I mean, Dwight already kind of resembles an adult baby, so this was really a perfect fit. Since sharing the photos on Instagram, Jillian has received hundreds of likes.

And it looks like other people have been inspired by this post and decided to dress up their babies as little Dwights, too.

Look at his little smile! Too cute!

This little Dwight even has his own employee badge.

We know the real Dwight takes security very seriously, so I'm sure he would approve.

Are you loving these baby Dwight costumes as much as I am?

I really want to get a bunch of babies together and dress them up as the rest of the cast. How adorable would that be?