12+ Incredible Scar And Birthmark Tattoo Transformations

Tattoos have an uncanny ability to allow us the power of visual storytelling on our bodies. Whatever you want to convey about your life or personality, and however you would like to convey it, someone on the earth can draw up a tattoo of it and give that vision permanence on your skin.

In a way, scars, and birthmarks are also permanent visual storytellers on our bodies, though not ones of our own choosing. While some seek to cover-up what they think are "imperfections," others choose to accentuate their unique features with clever tattoos that are nothing short of incredible.

Remember Who You Are

Instagram | @marip.art

You don't have to choose between getting a cover-up and showcasing your love of Disney—you can have both!

Here Comes The Sun

Instagram | @tall_garrett_tattoos

Or, here comes the sunflower I guess. Wouldn't that be a great name for a Beatles cover band?

Fixer Upper

Instagram | @emelyne_ink

I love tattoos that create clever scenes around scars or birthmarks as if they were always meant to be there. Simple and classy.

Gone Fishing

Instagram | @ericlara_tattoo

Trying to think of something to say about fishbones and wishbones...thinking...thinking...thinking...I got nothing. I've failed you.

Team Effort

Instagram | @digitalrockfm

This is so detailed that it rivals wall-sized murals I've seen. How long do you think it took to finish that?

I Bloom Just For You

Instagram | @kai_th_tattoo

This piece is so elegant that I might just get it myself!


Instagram | @studiobysol

Wait, scratch that. This one. I want this one. How do you make a tattoo look soft? How is that even possible?


Instagram | @christinetattoos

Remember when I was talking about tattoos telling a story? Well, this one actually tells a story.


Instagram | @lotus_tattoo_studio

This aesthetic is honestly so cool. I wish I was cool enough to get tattoos like this.

Zip It

Instagram | #eliminator_ryan

It only takes a little bit of creativity to turn a bad association into something to laugh at. At least your hair won't get caught in that zipper!

Art Within Art

Instagram | @annilepanenart

Artception anyone? Leo is shook.

I Needle You Guys To Look At This

Instagram | @stabbin_and_jabbin

Did you like that one? Thanks, thank you, thank you kindly.

Oh no, you don't have to give me that award for "the best pun-creator of 2019," that's too much. You guys are too sweet.

And It Was All Yellow

Instagram | @bayside_frank

It's official: Birthmarks are the perfect sunflower centers.

Roses Are...Um...Not Red.

Instagram | @leannefate

Look at the depth of this tattoo. I could just sit and stare into the middle of that flower for hours...and hours...and hours...what was I talking about?

Ladies Night

Instagram | @uhohtaco

Smart and visually captivating? You're really getting the best of both worlds.

I'm talking about myself. I mean, I guess the tattoo is cool too.