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Mexican Children Used Recycled Materials To DIY Cozy Homes For Homeless Dogs

Mexico has a pretty big homeless dog population, the most out of all of Latin America. Called "street dogs," these dogs make up about 70% of the 18 million dogs in Mexico.

There are many rescue efforts, but what about those dogs that don't find a home?

That's the problem 35 students at Instituto Educativo de Zacatecas in Mexico aimed to tackle.

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According to Bright Side, these children made shelters out of recycled materials for the dogs living in the streets in their community.

The students also showed their love for the environment.

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They used recycled materials to create super unique and creative homes that the animals will absolutely adore.

Check out that red house with plants on top of it for a little extra O2 for the environment!

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And I love the one to its direct left with the roof.

These homes are way more creative than I could ever think up!

The students donated these houses to Albergues Lazos Caninos," a local rescue animal shelter.

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This pup looks like it's already settling in nicely!

We could all learn a lot from the thoughtfulness, humility, and empathy of these children.