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Artist Makes Delightfully Creepy Purses With Dragons Peeking Out From The Folds

Just in time for Halloween and all things spooky, I have found something really cool to share with you guys. This awesome artist makes bags that are so different they'll have you take a second look to believe it.

They're made out of faux leather and have a unique feature that makes them stand out of the rest. Find out what it is below.

Breanne Creamer, an award-winning costumer, designs these gorgeous but creepy purses, clutches, and dice bags.

They feature clever little monsters, goblins, or dragons peeking out from strategic creases and folds.

She sells them out of her Etsy shop and each piece is hand-crafted as well as a totally unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

So no two items are really the same.

Each bag or piece of accessory is jam-packed with its unique personality.

Etsy | CreatureClutches

And you never know what you're going to get when you order one. Just take a chance.

I think this would make an awesome present especially for someone like me, who loves Halloween.

Etsy | CreatureClutches

I would be able to really rock this fang zipper clutch with my look.

The truth is it doesn't matter if you're a fan of Halloween or not this would still be a cool gift for anyone who loves dragons or mystical creatures.

Etsy | CreatureClutches

They are so cool, even year-round!

Imagine showing up to a party wearing this purse?

Etsy | CreatureClutches

I bet everybody would absolutely freak out when they see it. This is the epitome of a statement piece.

How amazing would it be to see this large, hand-painted dragon’s eye peer out from the side of this clutch?

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This eye will watch you everywhere you go.

Looks like Breanne's designs are already making the rounds.

They've been featured in a few articles lately. When something this unique hits the market it's definitely worth sharing.

There's a dress I remember wearing one year for New Year's that was silver and would have been perfect to wear this clutch with.

It would've made my outfit.

If you like to carry your dice in style, why not get this pretty funky fuzzy bag for them?

I think this one is a keeper for sure.

Would you rock this bag on Halloween night?

I totally would if I could. You may not get your hands on this particular one but there's plenty of other styles.

I'm really digging this design.

Etsy | CreatureClutches

I think this is my favorite so far and I'm so tempted to get something like this. I love how interesting and surprising it is.

And if color is what you're looking, fear not!

Etsy | CreatureClutches

There's a style like this you can choose from. This would be perfect alongside a pretty little black dress.

I wasn't sure I would be into this type of fun accessory but the more I look at these the more I like them.

And they're looking back at me.