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Paul Rudd Says He Was Buried Alive And Had To Breathe Through A Tube For New Netflix Show

When it comes to people's top fears, being buried alive is definitely up there, right along with spiders!

Well, for Paul Rudd, that nightmare became a reality while he was filming his new Netflix show, Living With Yourself.

The actor recently explained the grueling process and all that went into it.

As a seasoned actor, Paul Rudd has had to film some pretty weird things.

He played Pheobe's husband, Mike, on Friends after all.

Knowing Pheobe, you know that this called for some weird — but hilarious! — scenes.

Like when he made a point asking Pheobe to call him "Crapbag" since she had she changed her name to "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock."

Or when Pheobe's rat gave birth to rat babies, making him a rat baby granddad.

Ah, classic.

Playing Ant-Man in the MCU also led to some crazy scenes.

While his stunt man covered most of the intense stunts in the film, Rudd's main job was to give the performance of his life to ensure that people took the under-appreciated Marvel character seriously.

But when it comes to his weirdest filming experience to date, by far, it's him having to be buried alive.

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This odd experience takes place in the actor's new Netflix show called Living With Yourself.

The sci-fi sitcom is one of Netflix's most original yet, as it follows the story of a man (Paul Rudd) who's extremely unhappy with his life.

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To deal with this, he decides to undergo a life-changing procedure at Top Happy Spa.

They promise to make people become the "best they can be."

While we won't give too much of the plot away, there is the very intense scene in the show where Rudd wakes up to discover that he's been buried alive.

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To make things worse, he emerges from the grave having to claw his way through claustrophobic-causing clingwrap.

Based on this screenshot, you can see that it was pretty much a living nightmare...

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The actor recently gave his take on the experience to Metro, where he explained that it was pretty much as terrible as it looked.

"That was awful," he said of the experience.

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Filming was made even worse by the low temps.

"You know what it was? The shooting schedule was we thought that was when it was going to be the warmest, and it just so happens that there was a cold spell that week, and it was awful."

He continued: "It was the weirdest thing that I've ever had to film, and it was kind of unexpected."

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"I'm not so claustrophobic really, but something within us knows that's not the right thing to be doing. To be buried alive."

Thankfully, it wasn't like he was *actually* buried alive.

There was a tube in his mouth for him to breathe!

"I was in an open grave, and there was a tube that went underground and had this thing that I had to put in my mouth so I can breathe."

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"I wasn't buried too much because I had to get out but it was substantial."

He explained the process of filming as so: "So I would get in, they would start putting dirt over me and I'm like 'oh. I don't like this!' because we would all wait until the last minute and then they would put it over my head."

As Rudd so bluntly put it, it was "not fun."

"They would start rolling before they did it so I didn't have to wait, but they did it several times."

"So my head's on the side, I'm breathing through a tube, I can't see a thing, I feel a weight of all the dirt and I have to wait until action and they tap the tube in case I can't hear it."

Rudd's not the only actor to shoot a scene being buried alive.

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We can't forget that Ryan Reynold filmed a movie literally called Buried, where his character wakes up in a locked coffin with only a few supplies.

During interviews, Ryan said that he would never complain on a film set again after enduring the hard conditions.

Hopefully the good reviews Rudd's show has received so far will make that grueling scene worth it!

You can catch Living With Yourself on Netflix now!