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Oh My Gourd! People Are Transforming Their Hair Into Pumpkins Fit For The Patch

Some people love fall. They deck out their homes in colors of orange, red, yellow, and brown, they head to apple orchards and pumpkin patches, and their favorite activity might be to jump in a pile of leaves.

However, there is a big difference between loving fall and living fall, and if you thought you were in the latter group, just wait until you check out these wild hairstyles.

How cute is this little pumpkin hairstyle?

Instagram | @kraftykacen

This is what truly living fall looks like.

People are winding their hair into a giant bun on he top of their head and coloring it with orange hairspray.

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I love how this individual added a stem to the middle of the bun and some fun leaves around the border to really make it look like a pumpkin picked straight from a patch!

The green bows on the orange-haired braided hairstyle are a super inventive way to give a giant nod at fall.

Instagram | @braidboxbyerin

With the ponytail bunched up into spheres with the bows, she looks like she's wearing a string of pumpkins!

You'll definitely make some heads turn with a hairstyle like this!

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Do you think you'll give this a try this fall to show how much you love your favorite season? Let us know!