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Most Parents Steal Their Kids’ Halloween Candy According To Recent Survey

As much as we would like to believe that our parents are the epitome of morality and justice (LOL no one actually thinks that right?), at the end of the day, they're just candy-loving monsters in grown-up skinsuits who like, pretend they know how to do taxes but then get John from down the street to file their T4 for them.

What I mean is that kids and adults are basically on an equal playing field when it comes to impulse control, so when a holiday comes along that offers us an unlimited supply of sweet treats, why wouldn't parents want to get in on it?

A recent survey concluded that 78% of parents who celebrate Halloween steal from their kids' treat-or-treating stash.

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The website Cashback polled 3,099 adults aged 18 and over and found that 85% of Americans plan on celebrating Halloween, and 71% of them stock up on more candy than they need for trick-or-treaters.

But we're here to talk about that gnarly 78% of candy thieves.

Though the sample size of the survey was a little too small to indicate how a survey would pan out across the entire population, it still indicated that most parents who celebrate Halloween are getting in on the action in their own. thieving way.

The survey also found that 28% of adults eat more candy on Halloween than their own kids.

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This is understandable, considering that Halloween is kind of the only socially acceptable time in which we grown-ups can chow down on every sweet treat our heart desires.

The survey concluded that Reese's is the most popular Halloween candy, as 62% of participants named it as their favorite thing to eat this time of year.

Basically, familial candy theft is an epidemic that must be stopped.

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Kids earned that candy, and to have it stolen is like, not cute.

Let's band together and stop household Halloween candy theft once and for all. You know, starting next Halloween since I'm really looking forward to those little Kit Kats this year.

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