10+ Horror Movies We Will Never Be Able To Watch Alone

Alright, folks, this isn't going to be your grandad's horror movie list.

I've done some extensive research for this baby, so if you don't want to be spooked, turn away right now.

'It Follows'


This movie is not only horrific because of it's spooky monsters and jump scares, but because it also makes sex scary.

The whole movie may be an allegory for STDs, but don't let that stave you off of this movie.



While it may be leaning more towards comedy than horror, this movie is very disturbing and is one that will make you want to keep the lights on after dark.

'Sleepaway Camp'


One of the final moments of this movie is what will really scare you.

I don't want to spoil anything, because the less you know the better, but trust me, it's worth a watch.

'Let the Right One In'


This is probably one of the best vampire movies in a long time, and it's so great because it involves kids. Everyone knows kids are the scariest things... except for maybe old people.

I hope you don't mind subtitles!

'The Descent'


If you're claustrophobic at all and want to be really scared, then check this movie out.

It's based in a cave, so it's dark and tight. And full of... well, you'll find out.

'A Serbian Film'


Alright, it was this or Salo, and I figured the one made recently that is banned in 8 countries is more worthy of being on this list.

Check it out if you wanna be shocked.

'The Ring'


While it may not be the scariest movie of all time, watch this or it's Japanese counterpart Ringu if you want some good old fashioned nostalgic scares.

You remember watching this as a kid, don't you?

'Alice, Sweet Alice'


This movie is not only hard to watch (as in, very disturbing), but it's intensely scary and suspenseful as well.

You'll be wondering who the person behind the scary mask is all movie.



Well folks, if you don't like torture movies, then this one isn't for you. If you get attached to characters, this one isn't for you.

If you could barely handle Saw... this one isn't for you.



You may hate reading subtitles, I know I do.

But this one is worth the read, and the visuals are so darn scary you won't even notice them, to be honest.

'28 Weeks Later'


I choose this one over the first one for one reason: the opening scene.

I do love the zombies in this one as well, as opposed to the George Romero zombies.



While there wasn't much of a narrative here, the visuals are enough to keep you coming for this movie.

It's truly a classic from the bronze age of horror, give it a watch.

'Megan Is Missing'


This may be a little painful to get through but stick through it.

Trust me, the last ten minutes of this horror movie will stick with you for weeks on end.



There's one scene in this movie that shakes me to the core and shakes a lot of other movie watchers as well.

Just watch it for the bathtub scene... trust me, you won't be disappointed.

'The Shining'


Alright, this was a last-minute entry, but you have to add it. It's a masterpiece, and infinitely rewatchable. Not the best Stanley Kubrick movie out there, but one of the best horror movies.

I'm sorry. I know I said this wasn't going to be your grandad's list, but I had to do it to keep the horror fans off my back.