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10+ Movies That Defined Most People's Lives

Alright you filthy millennials, you're here to take a trip down memory lane, aren't you? Well, let's do it then.

These are the movies that have defined your childhood, the ones who shaped you into the person you are today.

1. *Mean Girls*


This one is a lot like Clueless, except it was for a later generation.

The strong female lead, some good lessons about friendship or whatever, hilarious, and best of all: no dating a step-brother!

2. *The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie*


Yes, it was hilarious. Yes, it was one of the best things to come out of a stellar franchise.

But I want to argue it had a bigger effect on us than we think...

The movie, along with other Nickelodeon cartoons around that time, had a weird obsession... with butts.

Which might explain the millennials' weird obsession with butts now that we're old enough to... party... I guess.

3. *Scary Movie*


One word for any one that doesn't think this is a part of their childhood: Wazzap!

Yeah, that's what I thought. Now you're not going to like this next one either but bare with me.

4. *The Grudge*


I know it wasn't a kid's movie, but come on.

If it wasn't your first horror movie, then it was the first one everyone was talking about on the playground.

5. *She's The Man*

Amanda Bynes had a lot to do with our generation growing up.

When she wasn't delighting on The Amanda Show, she was proving that girls can do things just as well as boys in this movie.

6. The *Harry Potter* Series

These movies literally raised a generation of kids. Heck, it was literally the childhood of three kids, well, three kids mainly.

You could throw Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis in there too.

7. The *Lord Of The Rings* Series


If Harry Potter was a little too tween for you, then you definitely watched these movies and were a huge fan.

This made a whole generation of kids fantasy fans.

8. *Twilight*

Like it or not, but this movie was totally cool when you were a kid.

Heck, maybe you were one of the people who read all the books and watched all the movies.

9. *Freaky Friday*


This was at the height of Lindsay Lohan's career (except for maybe Mean Girls) and was probably the one we watched the most as kids (except for maybe, well, you know).

10. *Remember The Titans*


Oh man... if you were on your way to a game in some far away land like Sarnia (Southwestern Ontario) then you'd watch this movie to get pumped up!

Don't tell me you didn't.

11. *Bring It On*

From what I've heard, this was a great pump-up movie for girls.

Just like Remember The Titans, it got young women ready to go out there and kick the competition's butt.

12. *The Lion King*


Really, you could pick any movie from the Disney renaissance (1989 to 1999) but this one was the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, and also it's my favorite and it's my article, so there.

13. *Clueless*


It had a strong female lead, it had some good messages (except for the ones about dating your step-brother) and most of all, it was hilarious.

And, in fact, it still holds up today.