10+ Movies We Forgot Were From Disney

Yes, these were the movies that were kind of an odd choice for Disney. Heck, they were an odd choice for any studio.

Something tells me they won't be making it to Disney+.



This wasn't an oddly shot, written or directed movie. There weren't any overly odd moments.

It was only odd because of the subject matter. It was just a movie about a squirrel... named Perri.

'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'


This movie is about as weird as the title implies. It's about a dude who gets sucked into the land of the little people, meets a leprechaun king and demands some wishes.

Weird, I know.

'Can Of Worms'


Do I even need to say anything about this 1999 movie from Disney? Just look at the poster. Do you even want to know what this is about?

I didn't think so.

'Operation Dumbo Drop'


Ah yes, Operation Dumbo Drop, the best movie to come out of Disney in 1995. What, you think you know a better one?

Believe it or not, this was actually a Vietnam movie.

'Mr. Boogedy'


This is the story of a gag salesman who moves into a house, only to find it's haunted by ghosts from the 16th century.

Was this supposed to be for kids?

'The Watcher In The Woods'


This was actually just a straight-up horror film from Disney. Which honestly, is hard to picture.

Kids movies that have horrific, traumatizing moments in them? Sure, of course. Just straight-up horror? Couldn't picture it from Disney.

'Something Wicked This Way Comes'


Yet another needlessly horrific movie from Disney.

"Needlessly" is actually a good word too, because it reminds one of the Stephen King book "Needful Things", where someone grants wishes... at a price.

'The Shaggy Dog'


Oh lord! Look at those eyes! Well, that poster is going to haunt my nightmares tonight.

Thanks a bunch, Disney, thank goodness I didn't watch this movie when I was a kid.

'Tall Tale'


The story of a young boy teaming up with Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan to save his family's farm.

If you recognized any of those names (save Paul Bunyan) then I applaud you.

'Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks With The Circus'


This movie may actually have been propaganda. Propaganda to make sure that kids didn't actually run away and join the circus.

Uh... thanks for the lesson, Disney. I guess...



.You know what Disney? If you're not going to take making movies seriously, then how are we supposed too?

What was this? Who came up with this idea? What are they doing today?



A classic tale about a boy and his ferocious, unbelievably fast, savannah cat.

Who could picture a tale that is closer to the hearts of Americans everywhere?

'The Ugly Dachshund'


A classic take on the ugly ducking story, except this time it's a full-grown great dane. And also it's mostly about a dog causing a ruckus in the house.

So nothing like the ugly duckling.

'Those Calloways'


Just based on the title, take a guess as to what this movie is about. Take a look at the poster, too.

No idea? It's about a family trying to protect some Canadian geese from hunters.

Speaking as a Canadian, those geese do not need your help. They've got it covered.