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16+ Funny Pics That Deliver The Goods

If the existence of the internet has done nothing else for you — and let's be honest, it probably hasn't — it'll always be the number one provider of funny pics. So go ahead, let the internet make you laugh. It's the internet's job, after all.

On point.

Reddit | ViceCrockett

This costume must have stolen the show at this James Bond-themed party. I wonder if this guy can beat the jungle level on 00 Agent difficulty in under three minutes.

A big honkin' investigation.

Reddit | Kubasratzka

I don't know what the background is here, but the Prague police clearly aren't messing around. Neither, evidently, is the goose. I'm thinking ol' goosey might have thrown someone off this bridge.

Ride or die.

Reddit | Sl3nderMusic

There's no way that the manufacturers of this subway car or the scooter ever intended for their products to be used in this way. Credit to this kid for finding a whole new way of creating danger.

Honey, I blew up the toilet.

Reddit | Russia_repost_bot

I've heard all sorts of off-color comments about "destroying the toilet" over the years, but I never thought I'd see it for real. This latrine has clearly seen a few things.

What a tale he could tell.

Reddit | Jersey_Gal47c

Sometimes, your boring life is punctuated by moments like this: a guy waiting in the checkout line to buy an excessive amount of flowers and a massive novelty wine glass.

Joker begins.

Reddit | wellbanthis

We're going earlier and earlier in the Gotham City timeline to explain the Joker's origin story. I think we're not too far from a gritty reboot explaining how the Joker was once a tired, cranky kid in a costume.

Seems safe.

Reddit | EthanYouIdiot

On one hand, I want to applaud the good people at Hungry Howie's for having some fun with the situation. On the other hand, that sign looks like it'll fall down and straight-up murder someone.


Reddit | korobi

You know, electric cars can run out of juice. Taking a portable gas generator for these emergencies makes lots of sense. What doesn't make sense is the bold claim on the back bumper.

Highly specific.

Reddit | cabbage_fork

Judging from this sign, I'm starting to get the idea that this teacher would really prefer not to be interrupted...unless Jason Momoa makes a surprise visit, of course.

Well, I'm sold.

Reddit | Deb8110

Sure, you could go by Google or Yelp reviews. But when a random guy who really likes burgers tells you how good a particular place is, who are you to doubt him?

Happy Halloween!

Reddit | WhatsRightWhatsLeft

I like this Halloween decoration. It's super creative and the pumpkins make it super seasonal. It might not be as creepy or scary as some decorations, but it makes up for it with cheekiness.

Covering their butts.

Reddit | YouRebelScumGuy

These warning signs are almost always about liability, protecting property owners in the event of a lawsuit. Not too many signs are this straightforward about why they're there, though.

*Rim shot*.

Reddit | coolzmonkey

I could easily see a store calling itself "Ta'get". It would probably be sued out of existence by Target within about five minutes, but I think the basic idea makes sense.

Makes sense.

Reddit | xxrmp21

These warnings are so helpful. Why do they stop there? They could easily go on to state that things are dark at night or that frozen water may cause icy conditions.

At least he tried.

Reddit | avalonbowser

The UPS guy tried to play along with this doormat's polite request, but some packages can't be hidden effectively. This woman's hubby is definitely going to find out about the gigantic blue cylinder she ordered.

The colonel bows to no one.

Reddit | nahys12345

I'm befuddled by this sign. Like, there's generally a good safety-related reason for signs like this to exist. Maybe the intent to buy a bucket of chicken makes people safer drivers.


Reddit | CoffeeSlutt

I'm not sure whether to have a chuckle at this silly joke or raise my eyebrows that a receipt is gently encouraging me to murder my kids (at Christmas, no less).

This guy chops.

Reddit | VerbalDefecation

Honestly, not many people really require the services of a guy who can evidently chop anything ranging from wood to other types of wood. I can't say I'm not curious, though.

Cosplay winner.

Reddit | DraftDraw

Comic cons are great for seeing awesome cosplay — like this creative Green Lantern design — juxtaposed with said cosplayers casually waiting in a lineup to order a hot dog.

What if I want 11 rides?

Reddit | tobias_drundridge

If you look at this sign long enough, you'll notice two things: first off, one ride costs four dollars, period. It also may occur to you that they didn't need to make their sign so complicated.

He tried.

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

"My blind friend got engaged yesterday....he’s pretty sure," wrote the Redditor who submitted this pic. I love the sense of humor, and sincerely hope that this was staged and not the actual proposal.

Is it autonomous?

Reddit | Emilbus

You really don't want to teach your kids bad habits like falling asleep at the wheel. Then again, by the time this kid is old enough to drive, cars will probably drive themselves anyway.

Absolute unit.

Reddit | trentluv

The guy who posted this pic says that his wife likes to do planks all over the house. Clearly, their baby has taken notice. This is how you encourage good habits.

And a great discovery it will be.

Reddit | coldplaya87

In fourteen-hundred-and-ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In two-thousand-and-nineteen, turn signals help us be seen. For real, we should all discover the wonders of our car's humble turn signal.

If this pic could talk.

Reddit | walshmurda

This wouldn't be nearly so funny if "Jump rope team" wasn't so prominently displayed. I've always thought of jump rope as a pretty safe activity, but the girl in the front row can attest otherwise.

Life goals.

Reddit | rightcoastguy

This dude is clearly living his best life. He invented Croc Gloves for no real reason, and they went viral enough that the good people at Crocs threatened to sue him if he makes any more.

That's how it goes.

Reddit | Just-Call-Me-SteveO

There are a million food hacks on the internet, 99.6 percent of which don't work. Episodes like this always make me wonder just how the idealized version of the pic ever happened.

Let's help him phone home.

Reddit | BlueSkies_HeavySighs

Yes, the Area 51 raid did eventually happen, it what will go down as the most 2019 ever to happen. Some of the raiders clearly just wanted to rescue their Reese's Pieces-loving alien buddy.

The past and the future.

Reddit | GOB_TheButcher

This was posted on Reddit with the caption, "This is pre-Malone." The resemblance really is uncanny. Just add a few classy face tattoos and the dude on the left would be a dead ringer.