10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About 'Ghost Hunters' Fans Didn't Know

Yes, folks, these are all the secrets you never knew about Ghost Hunters, one of the spookiest shows on TV.

Now, before you start reading, try not to get spooked!

1. It all started from the Rhode Island Paranormal Society


Yeah, the acronym was RIPS and yes, that is incredibly clever.

Anyways, the Rhode Island Paranormal Society was started by Jason Hawes as a support group for people who had paranormal experiences.

It then turned into a TV show.

2. Jason Hawes had his first paranormal experience at 20

Apparently, he was experimenting with a Japanese pseudo-medicine called reiki when he started seeing all sorts of apparitions.

They continued until one woman told him to eat green olives... and that worked in getting rid of them.

3. Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes met because of the RIPS website


He was running the website when Grant Wilson offered to redesign it.

They apparently met for coffee and started to work together. The website got hundreds of case requests a day.

That's also when they changed the name of the group to The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

4. Donna Lacroix was not happy when she left the show

Apparently, both Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes were not very nice to their fellow cast members.

Not only did they make way more money than anyone else, but they were also verbally abusive.

5. A *New York Times* article made the show happen


During the Halloween of 2002, the New York Times published an article about the two leaders of TAPS.

Soon after, they were flooded with requests from TV producers for a show.

The reason they finally went with producer Craig Piligian, who runs Pilgrim Films & Television, is because he didn't want to change a thing about the show.


Just send in some cameras and let the boys do what they do best.

6. One crew member might be a cheater

A woman named Jackie Sydney has accused crew member Robb Demarest of being a cheater.

Not just a cheater either, but a womanizer and a manipulator as well. Those are some heavy accusations.

Apparently, he used to string along a bunch of women. As much as three at a time.


He would promise them futures filled with babies while telling everyone else they were just friends.


7. Jason Hawes didn't believe in the show


Apparently, he didn't think the show would go past ten episodes, let alone many seasons.

It was a show about ghost hunting, after all. He probably thought: "who the heck would want to watch that?"

8. They used to work for free


In the words of an old Syfy executive Mark Stern:

“They would get in their vans on their days off, drive for hours and stay up all night investigating for no money."

9. Robb Demarest has been accused of assault.

Yes, it's not even just womanizing that tops his list of offenses.

A writer for Medium said that several women had come forward and one had even accused the guy of assault!

10. Grant Wilson doesn't like to be called a "Ghostbuster"


And he might be the first person in history to feel that way.

He doesn't hate Ghostbusters though. He says:

"It’s a great movie, but it did a serious disservice to the paranormal investigation field.”

11. One ghost sighting was apparently, just someone yelling


What? Not all the ghost sightings on the show are real? Weird!

Well, according to one Redditor, one ghost saying "get out" was just the property manager yelling at some homeless people.

12. They prioritize cases that involve children


It's mostly so that kids involved in the hauntings don't feel scared. Hawes said:

"Honestly, out of those, it’s going to fall under are the people terrified? If they are, what type of activity’s going on? Are there children involved, because if there’s a child involved, that jumps to the front of the list"