15+ Hilarious Memes About Daughters That'll Make You Snicker Into Your Wine Glass

Ask any parent and they'll say that their children are a blessing. And it's true. But ask anyone who's raising girls (especially teenage girls) and they'll tell you that contrary to popular belief, not all daughters are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

We love our daughters more than life itself. But they do scare us sometimes. And they're the ones who know exactly what to do and say to get on our very last nerve. Sometimes, it's like they were born to irritate us.

So for all you parents of daughters out there, this list is for you. Go ahead and pour yourself a generous glass of the good stuff and get comfy because it's about to get relatable up in here.

Oh no she did NOT.

My Favorite Daily Things

I don't care how brave you're feeling after a fight with your mom, you do not want to say anything under your breath because she will 100 percent hear you and come right back into that room.

Do you understand now?

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Tough lesson, but she had to learn it at some point. Maybe now she'll remember that the next time she thinks something is so important she needs to interrupt you.

The worst kind.

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Those are two very big personalities clashing together. Now you know what it's like to be squared up against yourself, and it is not pretty.

No pretending necessary.

We aren't playing "make-believe" here. This is real life, all day every day. The only difference now is dad has a costume and someone made the mistake of giving his little girl a tiara.

And you'd be surprised at how quickly that can change.


One minute you're enjoying a lighthearted conversation together. And the next, she's about ready to rip your head off with her teeth, all because you asked how school's going.

Where's her Disney movie?

This same princess also cries when her favorite show isn't on TV, randomly refuses to wear certain colors of clothing, and hasn't told the truth about brushing her teeth since she learned how to talk.

Buckle up.

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You'll never know true fear until your daughter gets behind the wheel while you're in the passenger seat and she asks you to remind her which pedal is the break again.

Bottoms up.


Or the Tylenol you have to pop on the daily. Either one works.

Oh, I wasn't aware I'd raised a snitch.

Tattling on your siblings is one thing, but tattling on dad is just unacceptable. Whether she means to or not, daughters seem to spill all the beans they possibly can, especially to mommy.

Daughter perks.

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Some daughters grow up to become the perfect little shopping buddy. Maybe they'll hate it as a kid, and probably refuse to be seen with you as a teenager, but one day they'll jump at the chance to go shopping with you. Mostly because you'll offer to pay. But still.

The greatest punishment.


Let's see Jessica try and survive without checking Instagram every ten minutes. Is it a cruel punishment? Sure. But is it effective? Totally.

Oh no.

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Terrifying. Truly and utterly terrifying.

Karma at its finest.

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Having a mini-you is all fun and games until you remember what you used to do and realize mini-you is probably going to follow down that same path at some point.

Ignoring level: expert.

If she's like this now, just wait until she's actually a teenager. Believe it or not, it somehow only gets worse.

And it's still not far enough.


If we could, we would give you all the space in the world because we also don't feel like being near you right now. But there's only so much space, honey.

It's a fine line, but it can be taught.

It's all any parent wants. You just hope she won't lean more towards one way or the other: not too nice and not too mean. Just right.

More like borrow an entire bank.


I think daughters are masters in the art of ignoring their parents because sometimes it truly is an art form. They really have to go out of their way to do the opposite of what you said. That takes talent.

Time for some peace and quiet.

Don't worry, she'll be fine. Eventually she'll find something on the floor to play with and she'll forget she was supposed to be hiding in the first place. We all win.

One man's trash is a little girl's prized possession.

Don't even try to ask her why that little piece of garbage is so special to her. It just is, okay?

Where is the lie?


When you're a kid, your parents are like walking ATM machines. Where does the money come from? Who knows, but it's always there and that's what matters.

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