People Are Heartbroken Over Photo Of Stray Dog Riding The Bus Alone

When Gemma Burton got on the 620 First Bus to Bradford in West Yorkshire, she didn't expect to see a lone dog embark on the same route.

The Staffie-cross looked so sad that Gemma snapped a pic to share on Facebook.

In her post, she asks that anyone with info about the owners contact the Bradford Interchange bus station.

Facebook | Gemma Louise Burton

It makes sense to assume the poor pup has an owner, since it wore a harness, but presumably no tags or microchip were found.

Something about the way the dog is sitting on the seat makes it extra affecting.

Gemma said:

"She did try and get off the bus at one point but it was on the busy main road, so we got her to stay on and someone stayed with her on the bus before she was taken off at Bradford Interchange."

The dog was then put into the care of the Bradford dog wardens.

Facebook | Bradford Lost and Found Dogs

They shared another photo on their Facebook page in hopes of locating the owners.

She was then passed to the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue.

They will be caring for the dog for a minimum of seven days in hopes of the owners being found.

However, the more time passes, the less likely someone will come.

"Whoever her owner is musn't be missing her that much, it's been 48 hours now," said Trustee Janet Burrell.

She thinks it's likely that they're going to have to find the dog a new home.

As a dog owner myself, I can't imagine just not bothering to look for my lost dog.

Unsplash | Silvestre Leon

As the photo and story have gone viral, it seems unlikely that the owners would be actively searching and yet not see any of the online or local media coverage.

Still, such publicity pretty much guarantees that the dog will have plenty of offers from animal lovers looking to give her a new home.

h/t: The Sun

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