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Tired Of Seeing Engagement Pics Online, Woman Celebrates Being Single By Showing Off Her Ringless Hand

Social media can make people really envious of others. There are constant engagement announcements, baby pictures, wedding photos, and on an on. This all can get so overwhelming, especially if you're single.

But there's one account on Instagram fittingly called @notengaged that celebrates singledom with pride by posting pics of fun activities with one engagement ring free hand and it's so refreshing to see.

Not Engaged follows one woman's adventures in life while being single and totally okay with it.

It has now amassed a huge following of 100,000 people and is growing.

Mary McCarthy created her Instagram account one day after attending an engagement party.

She picked up some tacos and texted her friends a picture of them with her non-engaged hand.

And the rest is literally history.

I guess other people liked the account so much they started following in droves. I'm not surprised because Mary's humor is definitely addictive.

It's really refreshing to see an account that doesn't take itself too seriously.

They can make fun of themselves and the situation but still make everybody feel good about themselves.

Even on Valentine's Day when you're single and feeling a bit lonely, it's good to remember that there are other types of love not just the overdramatized romantic love.

People really need to hear this message.

Mary discovered that no matter how far society has come there's still lots of stigma placed on single people, childless people, or if you're just following your own life's rhythm.

It shouldn't be that way!

But the truth is that people are out there living their lives and they just want to be happy doing what feels right to them.

I love this message!

Life is not as glamorous as some people may have us believe.

Sometimes you get to do fabulous things like travel to Greece but other times you're stuck home cleaning.

The best we can do is to let ourselves live and enjoy our lives while not comparing ourselves to others.

Because everybody's life is different. Not better or worse.

I'm totally digging this lady's humor and all the funny captions she posts alongside her pictures.

This is definitely one of the most unique Instagram accounts I've found lately.

Over time this little Instagram account has become somewhat of a community of ladies supporting one another no matter what phase of life they are in.

That's so awesome.

Mary hopes that in the midst of all the engagement photos being constantly thrown in women's faces, her account can show that they're not the last single woman on earth.

Calling all the single ladies!

Mary's motto is that it doesn't matter what your relationship status is.

You shouldn't feel that your life is smaller just because you're single. And I wholeheartedly agree with her.

Ha, ha, ha! I have to say I'm just loving this girl and her awesome Instagram account.

It's so positive, funny and entertaining and definitely stands out of the crowd.