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This Mountain Dew-Scented Candle Will Give Your Home That Aroma It's Been Missing

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Mountain Dew is more than just America's 4th favorite soda brand.

This mildly nuclear-colored drink has long been the go-to beverage for 17-year-old boys who can't buy beer yet; the favorite pick when your parents give you money for the vending machine at a hockey arena; the fluorescent green can of choice for crushing around the rear-wheel of your bicycle so it vaguely sounds like a dirt bike as you rip around the neighborhood.

Mountain Dew isn't just just a drink. It's an experience. And now you can take that experience and make your entire home smell like it because everything's a thing nowadays.

Mountain Dew fanatics can now purchase a candle that perfectly embodies the classic neon, citrus-flavored soda.

Etsy shop 716 Candle Co. has taken everything you love about this drink and turned it into a candle.

So now your guests can walk inside your home and say, "Wait, do I smell Mountain Dew?", at which point you can proudly produce your flickering soda can and tell them, "Heck ya you 'Dew'!"

Each candle is made with 100 percent soy wax from American-grown soybeans.

They also come in upcycled Mountain Dew cans. But don't fret about getting a nasty scrape from the aluminum because these cans have been carefully smoothed down with clean edges.

716 Candle Co. promises each candle has 40 hours worth of burn time so you can keep your house smelling like your favorite soda flavor for a long time. Finally!

So how exactly do they make these candles smell like Mountain Dew?

According to the description, the shop uses fragrance oils in their candles. Now, whether that means they strictly use some sort of combination of natural ingredients to achieve that 'Dew' smell or if they actually just add some of the soda to the wax, it's unclear.

But hey, Christmas is only two short months away, and what better gift to give your loved ones than the gift of these Mountain Dew-scented candles? Plus, these would make excellent stocking stuffers for teenagers who normally drink these cans by the case-full. Merry Christmas, kiddos!

If you love the idea of the Mountain Dew can but aren't exactly a fan of the Mountain Dew scent, this shop has got you covered with 40 other scents to choose from.

These range from classic Coca-Cola to Raspberry Sangria. And there's even a Diet Mountain Dew option. You know, for when you're watching your figure.

Each candle costs $15 USD and can be purchased directly through the Etsy website. Happy shopping!