Woman Analyzes Instagram Influencers' Appearances To Turn Herself Into One

Do you follow the most liked people on Instagram like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez or one of the Kardashians? Have you ever wondered how these female Instagrammers get there and keep staying there?

Well, Cassey Ho, a popular American blogger researched this very topic and found out some interesting facts. Then she turned herself into the standard of beauty that seems to be the golden rule for Instagram fame.

Cassey studied 100 of the most popular females on Instagram based on their follower count.

Then she identified 22 things that helped make the "perfect appearance" of these influencers.

She looked at a variety of physical factors such as things like hair color, neck length, the shape of the face, eye color, the size of clothes, and age.

YouTube | blogilates

There were a lot of things to consider!

It turns out that younger women aged 22 are the most popular on Instagram.

And about 75% of them have brown eyes. Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez fit the bill of these descriptions.

The ladies who are rocking it on Instagram also tend to be just about 5'5" with a light complexion and dark hair.

So it looks like blonds aren't as popular anymore.

And there's no surprise that larger chested ladies faired better.

You also need to have that hourglass figure, a small nose, and fuller lips probably with the help of some lip injections.

Knowing all of these parameters, Cassey decided to do a test.

She wanted to turn herself into one of these Instagram influencers by changing her appearance to fit the criteria.

This is her before shot where she pretty much looked her typical everyday self.

Instagram | @blogilates

The picture was not touched up in any way to change Cassey's appearance or improve it.

She then took a YouTube tutorial on how to glam up her look with makeup.

She followed it and gave herself a flawless and strategically improved makeup look.

As you can see she looks completely different from her everyday simple no-makeup look to the glammed-up style that's perfect for that Instagram shot.

It's true what they say, makeup is magic.

She then passed the pictures on to her team who did further work on her look using Photoshop to make her neck longer, her boobs bigger and so on.

The transformation is unreal.

When she posted the pictures her followers weren't all that happy with the results.

They didn't think she looked genuine. And lost that vital connection to her they had before.

The experiment helped her realize that although it would be a lot easier to gain more followers this way she would also lose some of her unique individuality as well.

In the past, Cassey has been an advocate of body positivity.

So even though being popular is very important to a lot of people these days, it shouldn't come at the expense of being who you really are inside.

This message is even more important in the age of Instagram.

What do you think of Cassey's experiment?

Did anything surprise you about the results? Does it make you look at celebrity influencers in a different light? Let's dish here.