Massive Millennial-Targeted ‘Forever Roll’ Toilet Paper Last Up To 3 Months

When you suddenly find yourself living on your own for the first time, there are a few necessary household expenses that may come as a surprise for you.

For instance, I quickly learned that garbage bags, Band-Aids, dish soap, and tin foil aren't just magically available in every cupboard you open, like they are at my mom's house. When you live on your own, you have to actually think about buying these things. And then go do it. Like an adult.

And perhaps the most surprisingly pricey but entirely necessary expense is having to buy toilet paper. Because believe it or not, that stuff can run out fast, and if you don't shop around for good deals, it can also be shockingly expensive.

Charmin recognizes just how much of a hassle buying good ol' TP can be on your time and your wallet.

And that's why they came up with the "Forever roll," a gigantic roll of toilet paper which they claim can last someone up to three months.

According to Business Insider, these industrial-size rolls are targeted at millennials and older people who live alone and who might not necessarily have much storage space for packing away rolls upon rolls of TP.

By offering such massive quantities of toilet paper, users can go longer between shopping trips to restock.


As the company explains in their ad, "It's super convenient and long-lasting, so you have one less thing to think about!"

The "Forever roll" comes in two sizes: multiuser, which is 12 inches in diameter, and single-user, 8.7 inches in diameter.

To put that into perspective, a regular roll of toilet paper is usually only about 5 inches in diameter.

Charmin even offers users a whole starter kit so they can kickoff their new "Forever roll" life right.


On their website, the company sells a $30 package that includes a brushed-stainless-steel roll holder, either free-standing or wall-mounted, and three massive rolls. Do the math and that's nine months worth of toilet paper for just $30.

The company expected most users to opt for the smaller of the two "Forever rolls," but that hasn't been the case at all.

Since the they were launched, Charmin reports that 90% of shoppers chose the 12-inch TP over the significantly smaller (yet still huge) 8.7-inch one, because apparently everyone decided to go big rather than go home.

So now, Charmin says they're upping their game and have dropped the smallest size to introduce an even bigger one.

That's right, the "Forever roll" is somehow about to get even more gigantic with a new XL size.


According to The Wall Street Journal, this 13.2-inch version weighs an incredible three pounds and has 50% more sheets than the 12-inch version.

So if you really want to stock up on your toilet paper without breaking the bank and don't mind your guests ogling at what is surely going to be the biggest roll of TP they've ever seen in their life, head on over to Charmin's website to start living large — XL, that is.

h/t: Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal

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