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Heartwarming Photo Shows Barber Moving Chair Outside For Overwhelmed Autistic Boy

One family has praised an Ohio barber's kind heart after doing anything he could to accommodate an autistic child while having a haircut.

Marco Conti is the barber in question.

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Conti is the co-owner of a barbershop called Marky's Fresh Barbershop where the outstanding act of kindness took place.

When one family reached out to Conti to ask if they would accommodate their autistic son, Conti was happy to oblige.

The family were worried about the effect that going to a hairdresser would have on their son Brycen Juby.

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Brycen Juby was just 2 years old when he was diagnosed with autism and apraxia of speech. Juby was nonverbal until the age of five, and as a child, his family was able to take him to a special place for kids to get his hair cut. However, as he grew, the process would lead to a "screaming meltdown every time", his mother Ashley told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The Juby explained their worries to Conoti over a Facebook message.

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Ms. Juby explained, "For the last roughly four years my husband has been cutting his hair at home. [Brycen] would still meltdown every time."

Apparently, Brycen had been getting more comfortable with having his haircut, so the family decided to try taking him to a barber's again.

The family asked if they could bring their son after the shop had closed.

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After explaining that they were worried that Brycen may get upset, Mark Conti apparently responded positively to the message and booked the family in for a slot after the normal working hours.

"Marco was happy to help any way he could. To find someone so accommodating was such a relief," explained Ashley.

However, Brycen was still a little overwhelmed by the haircut.

Conti eventually moved the chair outside so that Brycen would be more comfortable.

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Conti said that when he asked Brycen if he would be more comfortable outside, "Brycen, with tears down his cheeks, agreed".

Once outside, Conti was able to finish the haircut while Brycen's father comforted his son.

Conti went on to say, "I feel that it is our duty to open our hearts and to accommodate everyone as best as we can with whatever resources we have available with action over intention. I just wanted him to feel loved and comfortable and safe and that there was nothing to fear."

Conti hopes that this will inspire more parents to ask for help.

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"This has opened doors for those parents that were silent and those that just didn’t know that we are more than willing to help," expressed Conti in a heartfelt interview.

Conti's act of kindness has quickly gone viral across social media.

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When the moving picture was posted on the Marky Fresh Facebook page, many people took to the comments to express their thanks to Conti for being so patient, loving, and understanding of the family's needs:

"I just came here to say that the autism community appreciates what you did for that boy and I hope that others can learn from your example of kindness."

"Thank you for taking the extra care of the youngster your heart sure is in the right place - you are a blessing to those you go the extra mile for - it won't go unrewarded in time to come - hugs"

Thanks to Conti, Brycen is ready for his first public school picture day.

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Ashley expressed how elated she was with Conti's behavior, and how proud she was to see her son starting at public school:

"This is a new start for Brycen, being at the public school. He has worked so hard to be in a bigger school and was so ready.

"There are kind, patient, understanding people out there. Marco was ready for however, the situation would turn out."

Hopefully, this will inspire more barbers to go the extra mile for families.


Seeing stories that show true human kindness in this day and age can be a welcome relief from the seemingly endless midden of misery and hopelessness that is forced down our throats. Thank you to Marco and his staff for taking the time to make the world a better place!

h/t: Yahoo Lifestyle