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Costco Is Selling Pull Apart Cheese Bread That's Loaded With Three Different Cheeses

Bread and cheese are so good. There's nothing better than sinking your teeth into some warm, gooey, and garlicky bread to accompany other starchy entrees.

With this cheesy bread from Costco, there may very well not be a main dish needed.

The package on this baby alone makes me want to pack up my things and head to Costco ASAP.

Instagram | @costcobuys

Costco is selling this divine pull apart cheese bread by French brand Tipiak, so it's pretty legit.

It's loaded with brie, emmental, and mozzarella cheeses, and while the package calls this holy trinity "funny," this is pretty serious business to me!

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Okay, also, you don't just get one loaf in the box — you get TWO.

Pardon me. I just blacked out for a second thinking about how good cheesy bread heaven will be.

Instagram | @costcoguy4u

You know what, we're showing you the nutrition facts, but they don't actually exist with cheesy bread.

Nope, not here. We don't do that.

With bread like this, I would have no problem eating it every single day of my life and afterlife.

According to the Instagram account @costcobuys, you can purchase it for $10.79.

But good luck trying to buy just one!

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