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Video Captures Robber Kissing Elderly Customer And Turning Down Her Cash

When we were growing up, the cartoons we watched usually drew a pretty clear line between good guys and bad guys.

Robbers would act aggressive towards terrified bank employees until Spider-Man or Batman showed up and punched them out. Then, with some kind words towards the rattled victims and either a funny quip or a few solemn words about justice (depending who we're talking about), they'd be off.

As we get older, however, it becomes clear that the world and the people in it are a little more complicated than those stories suggest. For instance, it's entirely possible for a robber to be in a desperate situation, show genuine love to those around them, and yet still do unspeakably terrible things.

With this in mind, it becomes possible to understand the behaviors of criminals in the moment without condoning their actual crimes.

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And one video from Brazil serves as a good example of that complexity.

On Tuesday afternoon, two men wearing motorcycle helmets held up a small pharmacy in Amarante, Brazil.

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As security footage captured, one of them frisked the employee working the counter while the other stood guard.

Although he isn't depicted in the footage, the pharmacy's owner, Samuel Almeida, was also present that day.

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As The Daily Mail reported, he had already asked his employee to surrender the money before the events of the video.

Also present, however, was an elderly woman who lived next to the pharmacy.

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Throughout the video, it's clear that the gun-toting robber is concerned for her well-being as he gently touches her shoulder and says "calma" to her.

After ensuring the employee didn't have any surprises for the pair, the man in gray instructs his accomplice to open the register.

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After the man in blue hands his gun to his partner, he rifles through the register.

He does this for the rest of the video and his search turned out to be fruitful.

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As The Daily Mail reported, the duo would end up stealing the equivalent of $240, as well as some undisclosed goods.

As this is going on, however, the woman addresses the man in gray.

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She then apparently offers up her own money to the robber.

To this, the robber reportedly replies, "No, ma'am, you can be quiet, I don't want your money."

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He then leans forward and kisses the woman on the forehead before readjusting his helmet as his accomplice finishes up.

After the robbers left the store, military police would later arrive and canvass the area in search of them.

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As of this writing, the pair remains at large.

The moments leading up to the exchange between the man in gray and the woman are depicted in the full video.