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Kylie Jenner's Tour Of Her Office Is Turning Into A Viral Meme

The wait is over!

Kylie Jenner finally released the office tour of Kylie Cosmetics.

While there are so many details to obsess over, like the champagne vending machine, there's another iconic moment that the internet can't get enough of.

It's the video fans have been waiting for! Kylie Jenner recently released her Kylie Cosmetics office tour!

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

And given the fact that Kylie is the youngest self-made billionaire out there, you best believe that the office is practically the size of Walmart.

If not bigger.

The iconic tour starts in the lobby where the waiting room alone is as big as our apartment.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

It's also where we meet pretty much the only employee that you'll see for the rest of the video.

Kylie later explains that most of her team were out-of-office for an off-site meeting.

Kylie is a huge fan of pink, so this bright pink neon sign is one of the many pink accents that you'll see.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

She even has M&M's at the front desk with her face on them from her Paper magazine cover. #Goals.

Kylie is big on family, so of course she has touches of her family everywhere, like her display of her sisters' magazine covers.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

She even showed support for big sis Kim by kissing Kim's Vogue cover in the vid and saying, "congrats on that, Kim."

While in her favorite room, she showed off her "lip kit wall."

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Kylie explained that she has the lip kit wall in every single pop up she's ever done.

"We needed this, for sure, in here."

Prepare to see a board room like you've never seen it! Two words: FUZZY CHAIRS.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Kylie calls this room the place where "all the magic happens."

Here, she and her team brainstorm and finalize all of their ideas.

The Kylie office cafe looks chic and kinda sterile all at the same time.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Also, look at all those custom M&M's!

Every good tour needs that MTV fridge-opening moment and Kylie delivered.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

The fridge was filled with pretty much every drink you could imagine. But don't think that Kylie will tell you what her favorite one is.

She blurred out the one she grabbed since she said that it's always sold out.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Ugh, the hard life of a billionaire.

Speaking of drinks, there's even a champagne vending machine, because it's always 5 p.m. somewhere.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Um, can we work here?!

Other exciting areas of Kylie's office included a glam room for her family to use and Kylie's YouTube studio where she films all of her YouTube videos.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Fans also got a tour of her and her mom's offices.

In Kylie's, notable touches included a money bouquet from Alexander Wang and her favorite picture of her and Stormi.

The best part of the tour, HANDS DOWN, though, was when Kylie went to go wake up Stormi.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Sounds pretty mundane, right?


YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Let's also pls point out the fact that there was a random cameraman waiting in the dark with Stormi for Kylie to come in. Talk about setting your kid up for nightmares.

Then, the iconic moment happens: Kylie flips on the light and sings, "rise and shine."

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Only, Kylie didn't sing it like that. Instead it came out like: "RiSe AnD sHiNe."

So iconic.

Now, everyone on the internet is making the same joke about her singing and creating SO many good memes.

Like so.


This should definitely bring back memories.

Some fans are even setting Kylie's singing as their alarm clock ringtone!

This is the only way we're getting out of bed in the morning:

Twitter | @anthonyxalonso

Plays RiSe AnD sHiNe on loop.

In case you're wondering, yes, Kylie is aware that she's become a meme.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

She's joined in on the fun by posting this image on Instagram and changing her bio to say, "rise and shine."

And, of course, since she's a Kar/Jen, she's found a way to profit off her new found success as a musician.

Kylie Jenner Shop

Sis is selling sweatshirts with "RIiiise + Shiiinnee" on it.

Stormi, however, isn't a huge fan.

Kylie posted this adorable video of Stormi listening to a remix of "rise and shine" before quickly asking for her daddy's (Travis Scott's) music.