'Trunk-Or-Treat' Is Replacing Traditional Halloween Fun And Parents Aren't Happy

Parents are always talking about how things were better when they were kids, especially when it comes to holiday traditions.

With Halloween coming up and the rising popularity of a new tradition known as Trunk-Or-Treat, people are debating online as to whether this tradition could ever replace trick-or-treating.

Besides dressing up and carving pumpkins, one of the biggest Halloween traditions is, of course, trick-or-treating.

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You know the drill: Kids dress up, go around to homes, say "trick or treat", and get free candy. At least, that's how it was in my day.

However, over the last few years a new tradition has been taking over.

It's called Trunk-Or-Treat, and it's said to be the easier and safer alternative to regular trick-or-treating.

Basically, parents and members of the community drive to a local parking lot and decorate their cars.

The kids then go from car to car to get their treats. The events are held either on Halloween or the weekend before, and usually during daylight.

There are a lot of benefits to Trunk-Or-Treating.

For one, this event is more inclusive for children with mobility issues who might not be able to navigate people's laneways or stairs.

Also, since the events are usually during daylight, parents know that their kids are visible and don't have to worry about crossing the street.

That being said, there are some people who feel that Trunk-Or-Treating is the new trend for so-called "helicopter" parents.

Other pointed out that Trunk-Or-Treat takes away from the community involvement of Halloween.

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"It discourages community involvement in Halloween - decorating houses, mingling with neighbors, etc. And it robs kids of the bonding opportunities you get pounding the pavement with your friends," said one Reddit user.

Some feel that Trunk-Or-Treating takes away from the true experience of Halloween.

"The essence of Halloween for me is a dark neighborhood with jack-o-lanterns out and running around your neighborhood after dark with your friends trying to hit up as many houses as you can manage," said another Reddit user.

So what do you think?

Is Trunk-or-Treat the way to go, or do you prefer good, old-fashioned trick-or-treating?

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