Clever Teacher Uses Balloons To Show Students How To Properly Wipe Their Butts

There are teachers out there who really go above and beyond with their creativity. In many cases, these teachers are able to explain important life lessons to even the youngest students in a fun and informative way.

If you've ever potty-trained a child, then you know that getting them to use the toilet is only half the battle.

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The real challenge comes with teaching your kids to properly wipe themselves AND wash their hands after. These lessons are all easier said than done.

A viral video shared in a tweet is getting huge praise from the internet for one teacher's clever teaching method.

The video was shared on Twitter by @gnuman1979, although its exact origin and the teacher's name are unknown.

In the video, the teacher and her students are sitting in chairs with two balloons taped on the back.

Twitter | @gnuman1979

The balloons represent, you guessed it, bum cheeks. Pretty clever if you ask me!

The teacher then takes a piece of toilet paper and shows the students how to properly wipe.

Twitter | @gnuman1979

She even shows them the proper direction, moving the toilet paper from front to back.

She also shows them how to fold over the toilet paper to get a clean side for a second wipe.

Twitter | @gnuman1979

To their credit, the students are incredibly attentive during the entire lesson.

Since sharing the video on Twitter, many people have praised this teacher for their excellent lesson.

Many think that American schools should follow suit and teach lessons like this.

Seriously, we can't underestimate how important this lesson is.

While you would hope all students are taught this at home, sadly that's not always the case.

There were some people who thought this lesson was inappropriate to be taught at school, but others explained why it was necessary.

In many cases, teachers have to help preschool and kindergarten-aged children with wiping, so it makes sense that they would address the issue at school.

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