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Billie Eilish Called Out People For Wearing Mink Eyelashes And Fur: 'Where Yo Heart At?'

Billie Eilish is never afraid to speak her mind when it comes to issues that hit close to home, and for that, we have to stan.

Eilish, 17, has been a vegetarian her entire life and became a vegan back in 2014.

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The singer spoke out on Instagram earlier this year against the dairy and meat industry, "I understand that meat tastes good… and I know you think you’re just one person and it ‘won’t change anything if you stop. But that’s ignorant and stupid."

She encouraged her fans to "be smarter."

So when a video of a mink went viral this week on Twitter, Eilish was quick to endorse the message against the slaughter of minks for their hair.

"That's what y'all be making coats out of? Y'all [expletive] evil AF," the tweet read.

Eilish took to her Instagram stories, calling out people for wearing mink eyelashes and slippers.

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"Just so you know... this is a mink," she wrote, along with a picture of the adorable furry creature.

"You [expletive] getting mink lashes and mink slippers disgust me lol."

She posted a second pic of a mink, with the caption "where yo heart at?"

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Mink false eyelashes have become increasingly popular due to their lightweight feel, however, the lashes are not "cruelty free" like many distributors claim.

According to Peta, minks used for eyelash extensions are kept in tiny, wired cages to allow for the collection of their shedding hairs.

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While the minks who are raised to be killed for their fur are kept in similar depressing conditions before being slaughtered to make slippers and coats.

I think it's super important Billie is using her platform of 40 MILLION Instagram followers to raise awareness about this cruel industry.

Instagram | @billieeilish

Safe to say opting for synthetic lashes and furs is your best bet, both ethically and financially!

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