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Six Flags Is Serving Up Blood Red Sangria In An IV Drip Bag For Halloween

During Halloween, many theme and amusement parks across the country keep their gates open later in the evenings and transform their grounds into a massive haunted house.

Six Flags is one of those amusement parks that's serving all the fright for their Fright Fest, and that includes some spooky dining experiences as well.

To keep the frightening theme going, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California has completely decked out pretty much everything in their park with spooky-related goodies, including their drinks.

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They're serving up a Blood Bag Sangria that might make you feel like Bella Swan for a little bit.

According to a local radio station, the drink will cost patrons $16.

But it's all worth it for the experience and Instagram photo, right?

It definitely looks a bit jarring seeing people drinking a blood red drink out of a plastic pouch that looks like an IV drip bag.

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But, if you think of it as a Halloween-themed boozy Capri Sun, then it really isn't so bad!

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