This Christmas Tree Cat Bed May Just Keep Them Away From Your Own Tree

My family always had cats growing up and we always lost at least a few ornaments to playful paws each year. Thankfully, we never had a tree fall over, but I've had friends with climbing felines who have caused such a disaster.

I mean, can you really blame the cats?

You've basically brought a giant cat tree into the house complete with blinking lights and dangling toys.

So when I say that maybe buying your cat this cozy Christmas tree house of its own may keep it away from the real thing, I'm mostly being facetious.

Still, you have to admit that this cat cave is pretty darn cute!


Just imagine your kitty curled up all snug in this mini tree underneath the real one.

Just imagine the Instagram opportunities!


And if you have a small dog, this could be a good nest for them too!

Of course, if you have both a small dog and a cat, then the tree belongs to the cat. It's the law.

This may be my Christmas gift to a friend with cats.


This particular version appears to be a common option if you search "christmas cat bed" on Amazon. Many third party sellers have it, so you may be able to get a really good deal if you compare sellers.

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