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Crack Open A Cold One And Relax In These Hand-Knitted Beer Mug Socks

Relaxation means different things to many different people. For some, it means running a hot bath, dropping a Lush bath bomb in it, lighting a candle, and reading. For others, it means laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing but watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

For many, it means going into the fridge, retrieving a cold beer, cracking it open, and sitting back while that first sip whisks them away into pure bliss.


What's even better? Doing all of that while wearing these super cozy hand-knitted beer mug socks.

Etsy | VikysKnitNCrochet

Even for someone who drinks beer here and there, I have to admit, these are super freaking cute.

You can find so many different versions of them all over Etsy, like this pair with a little lobster on the front!

Instagram | @LikeWant

I'm not sure why there's a lobster on this pair, but it's super fitting for beer lovers who live in the east coast.

This seller made footless beer socks, or beer koozies for your calves.

Etsy | VikysKnitNCrochet

They're actually super adorable with boots, and would be perfect for an outdoor beer festival in the fall!

Check them out here.

Why stop at socks?

Etsy | VikysKnitNCrochet

Your feet aren't the only extremities that gets chilly.

These matching beer mug gloves are just too adorable.

How about a hat to go along for the ride?

Etsy | NADAcreation

You can't just have knit beer socks and gloves and not have a hat!

This Etsy seller made an ankle sock version, and it's super chic.

Etsy | Anishop

I love this super fluffy slipper trim.

This the perfect gift for all the beer lovers you know in your life! Especially chilly ones.

Etsy | BNMByo

If you yourself knit, make the gift extra special by creating your very own!

So, sit down, relax, and crack open a cold one while you chill in your cozy knitted beer mug socks.

We'll drink to that!