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10+ Then And Now Pics Of Steve Irwin And His Kids Following In His Footsteps

You don't have to go far to learn that Steve Irwin and his kids are exactly alike. Just peep the gallery below!

It proves that when it comes to animals, it's "like father like kids" for this amazing family.

Despite his tragic passing in 2006, Steve Irwin's legacy lives on through his family.

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This includes his wife, Terri, and their two kids, Bindi and Robert.

The Crocodile Hunter sadly died while doing what he loved: being around animals.

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He was off the coast of Austraila when his heart was pierced by a stingray.

Bindi was eight when it happened; Robert was two.

Irwin would be so proud to see that his kids have followed in his footsteps.

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With their mother, they both work and operate the family-owned zoo in Buderim.

For more similarities that prove that Steve Irwin and his kids are exactly alike, peep the pics below!

Like father, like son!

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This image is the epitome of a recreated photo since Robert is feeding the exact same crocodile that his father once did.

Even at 15, Robert is becoming so much like his dad. Sister Bindi even sees the resemblance!

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The only real difference in this image is how calm and collected Jared Leto looks compared to Jimmy Fallon!

The family has followed in Steve's footsteps in other ways, too.

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A big one is them joining the entertainment biz! They have a show together called, Crikey! It’s the Irwins.

They often make appearances on talk shows as well.

The resemblance between Steve and his son isn't drawn at just their passion for animals, either.

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It's in their crazy resemblance at the same age, too!

Steve's daughter, Bindi, is another shining example of his life's work.

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The 21-year-old is a wildlife conservationist whose Instagram page is either filled with animals or pictures of her and her fiancé, Chandler Powell.

That's right. Steve Irwin's daughter is now engaged!

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How time flies!

Her upcoming wedding is definitely bittersweet since her dad won't be there to see her get married.

Thankfully, Bindi plans to honor her dad in special ways during the nuptials.

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For instance, she'll have her brother walk her down the aisle since she believes "that's what dad would have wanted as well."

Another wedding detail that's confirmed is that Bindi wants tons of animals at her wedding.

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She really is her father's daughter!

She told Good Morning America: "I’m not sure how many people have walked down the aisle with a koala, but we may be setting some new trends for weddings from here on out."

All in all, Bindi is unlike most adults. I mean, when she was just a baby, she was hanging out with snakes!

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While that's not our idea of a good time, for Bindi, it's just another day in the life as Steve Irwin's daughter!

Like his father, Robert has been photographed with both tigers and tiger cubs.

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So cute!

Can we join the fam and get in on that tiger action?

The Irwin family also lovesss wombats.

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Just like Steve, Robert has such a natural comfort around all animals.

I think it's safe to say that the Irwin family is honoring Steve in the best ways imaginable.

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We miss you, Steve!