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A 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Just Gave The Darkest Introduction Ever

Listen up, Wheel of Fortune fans!

If you wanted to solve the puzzle on which contestant had the darkest introduction of all time, the name Blair Davis would definitely come up.

Watch and see why!

Over the past 44 years that Wheel of Fortune has been on the air, the show has seen its fair share of crazy moments.

The show is hosted by Pat Sajak and his longtime sidekick, Vanna White.

For instance, there's this fail that never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it.

Linda knew she dun messed up! Even she was laughing!

Totally unrelated, but is anyone else craving a bicycle ride while eating a popsicle?

Or this epic fail will make you feel allll the secondhand cringe:

Repeat after me, contestant: HANDSTANDS.

It might be back to grade school for them...

Twitter went wild when someone thought that "a streetcar naked desire" actually existed.

Twitter | @davidaldridgedc

"Dude on Wheel of Fortune just thought the play was called 'A Streetcar Naked Desire.' This is the highlight of my sick day," another tweeted.

This next fail is honestly so hard one to watch.

The contestant was so close to winning, but he mispronounced the puzzle.

This one is going to be hard to live down. We bet the words "flamingo" and "flameco" has been erased from his family's vocabulary.

But no moment will ever be as epic as what recently went down on the show - and that is now going viral!

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The moment started off innocently enough with Pat asking contestant, Blair Davis from California, about himself.

When contestants are asked about their families on the show, they usually gush.

As for this trucking business owner? Well, he ended up giving one of the darkest personal summaries ever uttered on the show.

“I’ve been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle-ax named Kim," he said completely deadpan.

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"She cursed my life with three step-children named Star, RJ, and Ryan, and I have one rotten grandson."


At first, the host seemed taken aback by the introduction. But then he quickly laughed and said "yay!"

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"No wonder you came here," he added. "You just wanted to get away from everybody.'

Sajak then made it clear that Davis was joking.

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Davis smiled wide and nodded. He said that he loves his family like it's "nobody's business."

In fact, Davis loves his family so much that he even keeps his long gray beard for his grandson! (Yeah, the rotten one).

"Every time I threaten to shave it off, he gives me a really hard time," Davis shared.

With the moment going viral, Blair is being touted as the "darkest contestant ever."

People love him for it, though!

They're calling his intro the "funniest intro ever" and the "all time intro."

The bearded man from California is quickly becoming the newest viral sensation.

"I have been waiting for years to hear someone say something like this, thank you Blair, you are the best!!! someone wrote on Twitter.

Even the Twitter account for the game show was cracking up!

We need Kayne West to do a quick interruption to let the world know that BLAIR DAVIS HAD THE BEST INTRODUCTION OF ALL TIME.

While Blair didn't end up winning, he'll go down in Wheel of Fortune history, that's for sure.

Keep on truckin', Blair!